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Iridium 9575A Docking Station

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  • Secure Sleeve and POTS Support
  • Small Profile and Wall Mount
  • Optional External Antenna
  • DOD Compatibility
  • Power Options

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Product Meta

Iridium 9575A

Introducing the Iridium 9575A HQ DOD Docking Station, meticulously crafted for military operations with a focus on security, versatility, and global connectivity. This docking station is the ultimate solution, exclusively designed to support General Dynamics’ Iridium 9575A satellite phone handset, ensuring unparalleled communication in the most demanding military environments.

Key Features:

1. Secure Sleeve and POTS Support: Equipped with a secure sleeve docking cradle, the 9575A HQ DOD Docking Station provides seamless support for General Dynamics’ Iridium 9575A satellite phone handset. Its compatibility with Plain Ordinary Telephone Service (POTS) further enhances its utility, offering a comprehensive communication solution.

2. Small Profile and Wall Mount: Designed with a compact form factor, this docking station boasts a small profile that seamlessly integrates into military spaces. The convenient wall-mounting option ensures flexibility in installation, adapting to the layout of your operational environment.

3. Optional External Antenna: Enhance your connectivity options with the optional external antenna for Iridium and GPS. This feature ensures optimal signal reception, crucial for maintaining a robust and reliable communication link in diverse geographical locations.

4. DOD Compatibility – Security Module 2: Engineered to meet the stringent security standards of military operations, the docking station is fully compatible with General Dynamics’ Iridium Security Module 2. This ensures the highest level of data protection for your sensitive communications.

5. Power Options – AC/DC Adapter: The 9575A HQ DOD Docking Station offers versatile power options, including an AC/DC adapter. This adaptability ensures consistent and reliable power supply, vital for uninterrupted communication during critical missions.

6. Easy Installation and Troubleshooting: Designed for simplicity, the docking station facilitates easy installation and troubleshooting. Its user-friendly setup ensures minimal downtime, allowing you to focus on your mission without unnecessary complications.

7. Priority Support – 24/7 Global Customer Support: Stay connected around the clock with our 24/7 global customer support. Benefit from priority assistance, ensuring that any concerns or issues are promptly addressed, providing you with peace of mind during critical operations.

8. Multiple Mounting Options: Tailor the docking station to your operational needs with multiple mounting options. Choose between a swivel desk or wall mount, adapting the configuration to the dynamics of your military spaces.

Elevate your military and government operations with the Iridium 9575A HQ DOD Docking Station – a reliable, secure, and versatile solution for global voice, data, and paging capabilities. Experience the next level of satellite communication technology designed to meet the unique demands of military communication.

Specification :

Dimensions (L x W x H) 330mm x 150mm x 115mm
Weight 1600 g
Operating Temperature Range -10 to 55 ℃
Input Voltage Range 10 – 32 VDC


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