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SmartConnect: The Ultimate 12V Battery

LiFePO4 SmartConnect

Where other manufacturers stop developing, MG starts with a completely new design. The result: the safest and most compatible 12 Vdc lithium-ion battery. The SmartConnect battery is the most intelligent lithium-ion battery in the market. This stand-alone MG battery is packed with features: Integrated BMS, built-in safety contactor, pre-charge circuit, and sensors everywhere. The second-generation LiFePO4 chemistry in combination with the SmartConnect concept makes this battery the ultimate choice.

The MG SmartConnect battery system includes one or more SmartConnect batteries and the SmartLink Connect. The design and technology are based on our proven line of batteries in combination with the safest and most reliable BMS in the market.

SmartConnect: Internal Safety Contactor

The built-in safety contactor, rated at 150A, protects the lithium-ion battery from overcurrent conditions. The safety contactor’s function is to interrupt the electrical circuit when a current exceeds its rated capacity. It prevents excessive current flows that could lead to overheating or other safety hazards. It’s a crucial component to ensure the safe operation of the battery. This type of protection is essential for the safe and reliable operation of lithium battery systems, especially in applications where high currents are involved, such as industrial equipment, or renewable energy systems.

SmartConnect: Built-in BMS

The internal BMS of the SmartConnect ensures that the batteries are never overcharged or undercharged. Furthermore, it will always keep the battery within the operating window including temperature and current control.


SmartConnect: Bi-Stable Contactor


The bi-stable contactor combines maximum safety with ultra-low standby consumption. This is thanks to the latching relay technology inside. When fully charged the standby time will be more than 10 years. To minimize risks and maximize safe operation, no mosfets are integrated into this battery. A bi-stable contactor is safer compared to a MOSFET, which can conduct in case of a short circuit. When starting up one or more SmartConnect batteries, the safety contactor of each battery automatically closes. The built-in pre-charge circuit prevents welding and sparks during the start-up. Besides, it ensures that the contactor switches softly, which increases longevity. Moreover, the contactor opens in case a critical parameter exceeds the limit.





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