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Hughes HL1XXX OneWeb LEO User Terminal

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The Hughes HL1100 is a sleek LEO user terminal equipped with an Electronically Steered Antenna (ESA). Optimized for the OneWeb Ku-band LEO satellite constellation, it delivers speeds of up to 195 Mbps down and 32 Mbps up. The HL1120W features cutting-edge ESA technology, is full-duplex and self-aligning, and boasts a lightweight, weather-tight design. Its RF specifications include TX Frequency from 14.0 GHz to 14.5 GHz and RX Frequency from 10.7 GHz to 12.7 GHz. As for the HL1200, specific details are not readily available, but it’s part of the Hughes LEO Terminal family, catering to global connectivity needs in the LEO satellite environment.

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  1. Hughes HL1100 OneWeb LEO User Terminal:
    • The HL1100 is a sleek and innovative Low Earth Orbit (LEO) user equipment.
    • Electronically Steered Antenna (ESA): It features a low-
    • profile ESA with no moving parts.
    • Optimized for OneWeb Ku-band LEO Satellite Constellation: Provides access to high-speed, low-latency broadband service.
    • Solid and Durable Construction: Constructed with a solid aluminum chassis.
    • Speeds: Offers speeds of up to 195 Mbps down and 32 Mbps up.
    • Indoor Unit (IDU): Includes a Wi-Fi 6 router with two GigE LAN ports, MoCA adapter for Ethernet over coax, and an external power supply.
  2. Hughes HL1120W OneWeb LEO User Terminal:
    • ESA Technology: The HL1120W includes a low-profile ESA, representing the leading edge of LEO antenna technology.
    • Full-Duplex and Self-Aligning: No moving parts, optimized for operation over the OneWeb Ku-band LEO satellite constellation.
    • Environmental Design: Lightweight, low-power, weather-tight, and easy to install and maintain.
    • RF Specifications:
      • TX Frequency: 14.0 GHz to 14.5 GHz.
      • RX Frequency: 10.7 GHz to 12.7 GHz.
      • Peak Downlink Data Rate: 195 Mbps.
      • Peak Uplink Data Rate: 32 Mbps.
      • EIRP: +36.6 dBW (Dual Carrier).
    • Dimensions: Outdoor Unit (ODU) measures 59.7 cm x 82.8 cm x 11.2 cm (23.5 in. x 32.6 in. x 4.4 in.) and weighs 24.0 kg (53 lbs).
  3. Hughes HL1200 OneWeb LEO User Terminal:
    • Unfortunately, I couldn’t find specific details for the HL1200. However, it’s part of the Hughes LEO Terminal family and likely shares some features with the HL1100 and HL1120.
    • For more accurate information, I recommend contacting our support.

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