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Master LV: Battery Management System

All-in-One Design

The Master LV is the BMS for low-voltage systems. The main function is protecting the connected batteries. The internal BMS collects the data and monitors all essential battery parameters. This way, the Battery Management System preserves the health of your system. The BMS will always make sure that the parameters will stay within a safe operating window. When exceeding the safe operating window, the internal safety contactor opens automatically. This will disconnect all chargers and loads.  As a result, the Master LV guarantees a safe and reliable operation.

In addition, the Battery Management System balances the cells of the entire battery installation. This maximizes the capacity and increases the battery cell lifetime. Each MG battery has a built-in slave BMS. This monitors all individual cells in the battery module. The Master LV collects all this data and intervenes when needed. This way it protects all batteries.

Master LV: Easy Installation

The Master LV is easy to install thanks to the all-in-one design. It requires fewer cables, equipment, and installation components. This results in a quick Plug and Play installation. The integrated CAN-Bus protocol automatically detects your system configuration. Moreover, it updates the firmware of all batteries.

Can-Bus Communication

With the built-in CAN-Bus connectors, the Master LV communicates with the MG batteries, chargers/loads, and third-party devices. The two left-side ports are reserved for communication with the batteries. The two right-side ports are for auxiliary communication. Different CAN-Bus protocols are available in the BMS software. NMEA2000 is the most common protocol. The Master LV includes both RJ45 and M12 connectors. This makes it suitable for any application.

Master LV: CAN-Bus Communication

MG Connect App
MG Connect App
Monitor and control the MG Master LV with your smartphone or tablet. Easily enable Bluetooth by tapping the green start button three times. Download the MG Connect app in the Play Store or App Store. The Connect App works fast and intuitive and provides direct insight into your system.

Master LV

Master LV

96 Vdc Integration
With only 4 batteries in series you can easily create a 96 Vdc system. The 96 Vdc charger is CAN-Bus controlled by the MG Master LV. Connect this charger directly to the internal DC Busbar of the MG Master LV. In addition, connect your electric drive or electric hydraulic motor to the same internal DC Busbar*. This principle also works with 72 Vdc electric drives, by installing 3 batteries in series. Add more strings in parallel to increase operating time (kWh).

* MG is compatible with various motor suppliers

Master LV


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