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OneWeb Satellite internet

OneWeb offers high-speed internet plans specifically designed for maritime use. These plans provide reliable connectivity for vessels at sea, enabling a range of applications such as:

  • Improved communication between crew and shore
  • Remote access to operational data and applications
  • Video conferencing and training
  • Enhanced crew welfare with internet access for personal use

OneWeb’s maritime plans are known for their:

  • High Speeds: OneWeb boasts internet speeds significantly faster than traditional VSAT connections, allowing for faster data transfers and improved user experience.
  • Global Coverage: OneWeb’s constellation of satellites is designed to provide near-global coverage, including high seas and remote areas.
  • Scalable Plans: OneWeb offers a variety of plans with different data allowances to suit the needs of different vessels and crew sizes.
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Oneweb Maritime Plans



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  • Metered plans offer maximum network speed for the duration of the monthly data
  • After monthly data limit is reached:
    • Mereted plans continue hight-speed oneweb and vsat with afforadable overages

OneWeb Maritime Plans: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What Are OneWeb Maritime Plans?

    • OneWeb Maritime Plans are subscription options designed specifically for vessels at sea. These plans provide reliable, low-latency, and high-speed connectivity through OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation. Whether you’re a fleet manager, cruise vessel operator, or crew member, OneWeb’s flexible network can meet your connectivity needs.
  2. How Does OneWeb Improve Crew Welfare?

    • OneWeb believes that crew welfare is a human right. Reliable and affordable connectivity ensures that crew members onboard all ships have access to communication with family and colleagues onshore. This connectivity enhances wellbeing and productivity across the organization.
  3. What Benefits Does OneWeb Offer to Vessels?

    • Enhanced Communications: Real-time interaction with colleagues and family onshore helps passengers and crew feel more valued.
    • Improved Workplace Experience: Vessels can integrate with corporate offices onshore, accessing fleet-wide software for tasks such as procurement, crew management, supply chain, repairs, and payroll.
    • Accessible Healthcare: Reliable connectivity enables quicker diagnosis and better-informed medical decisions for crew members, safeguarding their welfare at sea.
  4. What Makes OneWeb’s Maritime Connectivity Unique?

    • Fibre-Like Connectivity: OneWeb’s high-throughput global network provides over 1.1Tbps of usable network capacity, transforming maritime capabilities across sectors.
    • Flexible Plans: Global Satellite offers scalable and reliable connectivity plans, driving performance, supply chain efficiency, and crew welfare.
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