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The Hybrid Video Uplink System for Vehicles and Fixed Locations
The LU700-SV takes LiveU’s field technology and repackages it into a 1U rackmount server configuration for SNG trucks and fixed installations, allowing news teams to enjoy the benefits of both satellite and cellular networks for live news gathering in diverse scenarios.

Resilient Transmission
Using LiveU’s patented bonding technology, the LU700-SV provides resilient live HD video transmission for 24/7 news and events coverage on-the-move and in fixed locations, optimizing all available bandwidth to deliver broadcast-quality video.

Antenna and Satellite Support
The LU700-SV can be connected to the car-mounted LiveU Xtender external antenna as well as to your existing satellite equipment to create a hybrid cellular/satellite solution for guaranteed bandwidth in remote areas. Use the satellite when stationary, then seamlessly switch to the cellular networks provided by the Xtender while on the move.
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