There are prepaid and subscriber plans available from Global Satellite: PREPAID IRIDIUM SERVICES Prepaid services are either valid for Global or Regional access Some Regional plans will not operate once outside of the authorized area. The MENA plan (Middle East and North Africa) will operate outside of the MENA region however the call charges are more than doubled. Most of the prepaid plans will roll-over un-used minutes if the lines are recharged before the expiration date. if we have a valid email address on file our system will provide warnings to renew 30,7 and 1 days before the expiration. An expired account will automatically loose any remaining airtime credits on it's anniversary and these minutes will be unredeemable. SUBSCRIBER SERVICES The monthly charges are discounted if paid annually in advance. The Power User programme will credit back the monthly charges when more than 200 minutes or airtime have been used within the month. Our online billing system will provide daily updated reports of the current balance and detailed call records. Automated reports can be sent by email to any number of pre-determined email addresses. Please see attached price schedules for detailed information on the rates.