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Ranasonic Integration

Connect Panasonic Cameras with LiveU Central All-IP Management Platform
An integrated camera and live video uplink solution that links and leverages the LiveU Central cloud based management platform and Panasonic cameras. The AJ-PX5000G, AJ-PX800and AJ-PX270 camcorders will now support direct connection to the LiveU Central management platform using public networks such as 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi or wired LAN.

Enhaced Control
With LiveU Central and Panasonic live cameras, any camera operator can manage a live video uplink while shooting, a must for a one-person remote crew. LiveU Central links via the camera interface, giving operators real-time indications of live transmission status and video transmission quality. The new LiveU camera solution allows camera operators to receive live streaming video from the camera in the field and output the video from a LiveU receiver to an HD-SDI video monitor while managing the camera from the LiveU Central. Live streaming to the LiveU server and Dynamic-Adaptive QoS for live streaming are supported for stable transmission.

Solution available for AJ-PX5000G*, AJ-PX800* AVC-ULTRA Camcorders. In the AJ-PX270 AVC-ULTRA Camcorder* camera operators are also able to remotely control iris, white balance and master gain of the camera via the LiveU Central.

*Free firmware upgrade key.
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